December 12, 2015

How To Apply?

Fill out the online application form at
After that please email scanned copies of the following documents to [email protected]:

  1. Student ID from University / College
  2. Letter from the college stating that the applicant is currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s level program or Master’s level program*.
  3. Citizenship certificate
  4. PAN registration document / VAT registration document of your company
  5. Company registration document

Please note that you must email all the above documents to GSEA Nepal to be selected. If selected, you will also have to show the original copies.

*For Master’s level students, they must submit their Bachelor’s degree certificate to prove that they have enrolled in Master’s level program immediately after Bachelor’s level program and not left college to work on a business or to seek employment.

If you have any confusion or difficulty with the application process please call us on 9703301945 or contact us on Facebook.